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Team Vick Foundation is committed to being a constant, ever-present voice and support system for people in need. Many of us will lose our way and make mistakes at some point in our life. Sometimes because of unforeseen circumstances we may find ourselves in need of assistance or on a “road” we never expected. Our decisions, mistakes and lessons learned impact not just us – but our children, parents and communities.

Team Vick Foundation creates thought provoking and informative programs that inspire community engagement and empower individuals to live intentionally and meaningful – while learning from their mistakes. While sports is the catalyst for change; education, life skills and character development is the foundational pillars to evoke lasting change in the community and within the family unit.

The Team Vick Foundation is poised to inspire individuals through its diverse initiatives and programs that touch on the foundation’s 7 (seven) principles including: Responsibility,Citizenship, Care, Fairness, Respect, Trustworthiness and Accountability. 


Team Vick Foundation strives to help provide opportunities that effectively lead efforts for positive social change.


Team Vick Foundation helps strengthen our communities by working to collectively become better global citizens willing to SHARE, INSPIRE AND ENCOURAGE one another.


The Huddle

Every month Team Vick Foundation students convene together for hands on, interactive athletic and educational training which include a variety of topics and activities centered on sports, education – STEM and College Prep, leadership development, social and emotional skill development, health and wellness, finance, mentorship, and family. These activities are conducted by volunteers who share common interest in ensuring the success of the youth participating in Team Vick Foundation.

The monthly huddle is the core component of programming offering services to diverse youth positioning them above the status quo in the State of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia in completing their High School diploma and continuing to college. Our goal is for each student to be productive members of society equipped for life and prepared for post-secondary education. 


Away Games

In addition, Team Vick Foundation conducts quarterly excursions, also known as Away Games, where the students are allotted the opportunity for exploratory learning and exposure outings. The activities include the following: 

  • College Campus Visits
  • Educational Tours
  • Corporate Visits
  • Local Sporting Events
  • Museums/Attractions
  • Amusement Parks
  • Movie Outings
  • Financial Workshops
  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Community Service

Volunteers serve as chaperones and mentors for our away games. The volunteers can consist of parents of the students, or local leaders aligned with organizational mission and objectives. The away games align with the mission of TVF by providing a population of students with exposure opportunities advancing the ratio of graduation, college enrollment and completion and overall life preparation.

Summer Camps

Team Vick Foundation developed the V7 Elite Playmakers Showcase, a hybrid camp with sports and education - building a unique program for at risk youth to teach skills that will provide solutions for life, school and at home. Each camp will be tailored specific to age groups and location.


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